Where is Huxley Stauffer Now? The Controversial Adoption Story

In May 2020, the YouTube couple Myka and James Stauffer shocked their viewers with an announcement that ignited widespread controversy. They revealed they could no longer continue the adoption of their son Huxley, who had joined their family less than three years prior. This decision led to heated debates about the ethical implications of “rehoming” adopted children and the responsibilities of adoptive parents.

The Adoption and Its Challenges

In October 2017, the Stauffers welcomed Huxley, a two-year-old boy from China diagnosed with autism, into their family. The couple had documented their adoption journey on their YouTube channel, “The Stauffer Life,” sharing the highs and lows of raising a child with special needs.

Their transparent vlogging garnered a substantial following, but the challenges they faced with Huxley’s additional, undisclosed needs began to overwhelm them. James Stauffer later mentioned in a now-deleted video, “Once Huxley came home, there were a lot more special needs that we weren’t aware of, and that we were not told.”

Discovery by the Public

The absence of Huxley in recent videos on their YouTube channels raised suspicions among viewers. Followers of James’ auto-maintenance channel, “Stauffer Garage,” noticed the conspicuous absence of Huxley’s car seat, further fueling speculation. The couple eventually removed videos featuring Huxley and disabled comments, which only intensified public curiosity and concern.

Public Reaction

The revelation that the Stauffers had rehomed Huxley sparked intense backlash. Many criticized the couple for treating the adoption as reversible, contradicting Myka’s earlier assertion, “My child is not returnable.” The outcry was swift and severe, with many accusing the Stauffers of exploiting Huxley for content and financial gain. Despite Myka’s public apology on Instagram, the damage was done, and their YouTube channel has been inactive since the scandal.

Current Status of Huxley

Following the controversy, the Stauffers retreated from the public eye. However, interest in their story resurfaced with the release of the Vox Media Studios docuseries, “An Update on Our Family.” The series revealed that Huxley had been placed with a new family that chose to remain anonymous, prioritizing his privacy and a fresh start away from the media spotlight. This decision was seen as a protective measure to shield Huxley from further public scrutiny.


The Stauffer family’s story serves as a poignant reminder of the complexities and responsibilities of adoption, particularly for children with special needs. It underscores the importance of thorough preparation and support for adoptive parents to prevent similar situations. The incident also raises ethical questions about sharing personal lives on social media, where the line between private life and public entertainment often blurs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Huxley Stauffer now?
Huxley Stauffer is currently living with a new family that has chosen to remain anonymous to protect his privacy and provide him with a fresh start away from the media spotlight.

Why did the Stauffers decide to rehome Huxley?
The Stauffers cited unforeseen special needs and challenges that they were not prepared for as the primary reasons for rehoming Huxley. They believed another family could better cater to his specific needs.

How did the public react to the Stauffers’ decision?
The public reaction was overwhelmingly negative. Many criticized the couple for treating Huxley as returnable and accused them of exploiting him for content and financial gain. The backlash led to a significant decline in their online presence.

What happened to the Stauffers’ YouTube channel?
Following the controversy, the Stauffers’ YouTube channel, “The Stauffer Life,” became inactive. Myka Stauffer issued a public apology, but it did little to mitigate the backlash, and the channel has not posted new content since.

What did the Vox Media Studios docuseries reveal about Huxley?
The docuseries “An Update on Our Family” revealed that Huxley is now with a new family who has chosen to keep their identity and details about Huxley’s new life private. This move was aimed at protecting his privacy and providing him a fresh start away from the controversy.

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