US Targets Houthi Missiles in Swift Response to Yemen Raids

On Sunday, American forces conducted air strikes against five missiles in Yemen. One of the missiles was designed for land attack, while the other four were intended for targeting ships, according to the US military.

This action followed a joint military operation by US and UK forces against Yemen’s Iran-backed Houthis, responding to the rebels’ repeated attacks on shipping. The strikes included self-defense against a Houthi land attack cruise missile and four anti-ship cruise missiles, all set to launch in the Red Sea.

The identified missiles in Houthi-controlled areas were deemed an imminent threat to US Navy ships and merchant vessels in the region, as per Central Command (CENTCOM) statements on social media.

The Houthis had initiated Red Sea shipping targeting in November, claiming to hit Israel-linked vessels in support of Palestinians in Gaza, affected by the Israel-Hamas conflict. In response, US and UK forces targeted the Houthis, who subsequently considered American and British interests as legitimate targets.

Tensions escalated across the Middle East due to anger over Israel’s campaign in Gaza, resulting in violence involving Iran-backed groups in Lebanon, Iraq, Syria, and Yemen. On January 28, a drone attack on a Jordanian base killed three US soldiers and injured over 40, an incident attributed to Iran-backed forces by Washington.

In retaliation on Friday, the US carried out unilateral strikes on Iran-linked targets in Syria and Iraq.


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