Two Strange Haunted Roads in Delaware Where Gravity Doesn’t Exist

Despite its small size, Delaware holds intriguing mysteries, and two particular roads, Cossart Road and Brandywine Springs Park Road, challenge the laws of physics and gravity. These locations, where cars seemingly roll uphill instead of downhill, raise questions about the supernatural or the presence of a scientific explanation.

Cossart Road: The Infamous Devil’s Road

Also recognized as the Devil’s Road, Cossart Road winds its way through the woods near Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania, extending into Delaware. Infamous for paranormal activity, including strange noises, apparitions, and reported cult gatherings, the road has earned a sinister reputation. Some attribute the peculiar occurrence of cars rolling uphill in neutral to the influence of the devil or the presence of ghosts. Alternatively, skeptics argue that it’s an optical illusion, insisting that the road is actually sloping downward, with the surrounding landscape creating the illusion of an uphill incline.

Brandywine Springs Park Road: Haunted by the Ghost Train

Another Delaware road with a gravity hill is Brandywine Springs Park Road, situated near the remnants of an old amusement park that thrived in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Legend has it that the ghost of a train from the park still lingers, with occasional reports of hearing its whistle or seeing its lights. The gravity hill, where the road intersects with the old train tracks, fuels speculation that the ghost train plays a role in pushing cars uphill. Alternatively, some argue that it’s a natural phenomenon, asserting that the road slopes downward while the train tracks and bridge create a deceptive perspective of an uphill slope.


Cossart Road and Brandywine Springs Park Road showcase gravity-defying phenomena, where cars seemingly move against gravity and roll uphill. These locations are steeped in paranormal stories, involving the devil, ghosts, and even cults. Regardless of whether these roads are genuinely haunted or simply optical illusions, they remain captivating and mysterious, drawing in curious visitors and thrill-seekers alike.


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