Three Cities in Ohio Offering Free Land to People

Ohio, situated in the Midwest region of the United States, is renowned for its varied landscape, extensive history, and lively culture. However, it might interest you to learn that some cities within the state are providing free land as well as additional incentives to those willing to relocate and construct their residences.

This article will delve into three such cities in Ohio, alluring newcomers with free land and various perks:

New Richland

Nestled in the north-central part of the state, New Richland, a small city with approximately 1,200 residents, exudes rural charm. The city extends free land lots to individuals committed to constructing a house within 18 months of acquiring the deed. These lots are part of a new subdivision featuring paved streets, utilities, and proximity to a nearby lake. New Richland also presents options such as low-interest loans, tax abatements, and construction grants. With amenities like schools, libraries, parks, shops, and restaurants, the city aspires to draw more families and businesses to its community.


Located in the northeast, Grafton, a historic city with around 6,000 inhabitants, boasts a rich heritage. Grafton provides free land lots to those willing to build a house within two years of obtaining the deed. The scenic lots offer views of the Black River and the Lorain County Metro Parks. The city sweetens the deal with a 15-year tax exemption, a $5,000 grant for home construction, and an additional $2,500 grant for landscaping. Grafton aims to attract more residents and visitors with its museum, theater, golf course, and various festivals and events.


Positioned in the northwest, Lorain, a sizable city with approximately 64,000 residents, hosts a diverse economy. The city extends free land lots to those agreeing to construct a house within three years of receiving the deed. These lots are situated in a revitalized neighborhood featuring new sidewalks, streetlights, and trees. Lorain sweetens the deal with a 10-year tax abatement, a $10,000 grant for home construction, and an additional $3,000 grant for closing costs. The city envisions attracting more homeowners and investors, offering a waterfront, lighthouse, steel mill, and diverse cultural and recreational amenities.

These represent just a few instances of the numerous Ohio cities offering free land to those seeking a new place to call home. For further information on these opportunities or others, you can explore the respective city websites or contact their economic development offices. The Buckeye State may hold surprising prospects for you! 🌰


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