Ruby Soho pregnant ?

In the domain of professional wrestling, instances of genuine elation often intersect with the theatrics and thrill of the squared circle. One such occurrence transpired recently within the AEW realm, as Ruby Soho, a revered wrestler, divulged a heartening revelation that reverberated throughout the wrestling community.

An Unexpected Declaration in the Squared Circle

During a poignant segment within the wrestling ring on AEW Collision, Ruby Soho astounded her real-life companion, Angelo Parker, with news that would alter the course of their lives. As Parker voiced skepticism regarding his aspirations, Soho intervened, visibly anxious yet resolute. She couldn’t bear to witness Parker surrender, and with a quivering voice, she disclosed the cause of her unease: she was with child.

A Moment of Felicity Amidst the Theatrics of Wrestling

Soho’s revelation elicited a spectrum of emotions. Parker, inundated with bliss, interrupted her with a tender kiss, articulating his affection and anticipation at the prospect of impending fatherhood. This poignant exchange not only encapsulated the essence of their partnership but also showcased the human aspect of these larger-than-life personas within the wrestling arena.

A New Trajectory for Ruby Soho’s Wrestling Odyssey

For aficionados of Ruby Soho, renowned for her fortitude and prowess in the ring, this announcement heralded a significant divergence in her professional journey.

Having last graced the wrestling mat at the AEW Rampage recording in February, Soho’s focus will now pivot towards preparing for the responsibilities of parenthood. Though her absence from the wrestling realm may be palpable, the outpouring of encouragement from fans and peers alike underscores the positive evolution in the perception of motherhood within the wrestling fraternity.

Enlisting in the Cohort of Wrestling Mothers

Ruby Soho’s voyage into motherhood aligns her with a burgeoning cadre of wrestlers who have adeptly harmonized their vocations with the duties of motherhood. From Becky Lynch’s triumphant resurgence to the ring postpartum to Ronda Rousey’s decision to step back from WWE to commence a family, Soho joins an esteemed clique of wrestling mothers who persistently inspire both within and beyond the confines of the ring.

Anticipating the Future

As Ruby Soho and Angelo Parker embark on this nascent phase of their lives, the wrestling community eagerly anticipates updates on Soho’s gestational journey. While her grappling endeavors may be temporarily halted, her influence both as a wrestler and as an imminent mother is undeniable. Well-wishes inundate from all corners of the wrestling sphere, underscoring the jubilant essence of this revelation amidst the often turbulent milieu of professional wrestling


Ruby Soho’s pregnancy announcement is more than just personal news; it’s a beacon of progress in the wrestling world. As she prepares for motherhood, Soho’s journey is a reminder that life’s most challenging roles can coexist with the spotlight of the wrestling stage.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Who is Ruby Soho? Ruby Soho is a professional wrestler currently signed with AEW, known for her dynamic presence in the ring and her punk rock persona.
  2. How did Ruby Soho announce her pregnancy? Soho announced her pregnancy during an in-ring segment on AEW Collision, revealing the news to her real-life partner, Angelo Parker, and the audience.
  3. What does Ruby Soho’s pregnancy mean for her wrestling career? While Soho will take a hiatus from competing, her pregnancy represents a broader cultural shift in the industry, where wrestlers can embrace motherhood without jeopardizing their careers.
  4. Have other wrestlers successfully returned to the ring after becoming mothers? Yes, several wrestlers, including Becky Lynch and Ronda Rousey, have returned to wrestling after giving birth, showcasing their incredible ability to juggle motherhood with their athletic careers.
  5. What has been the reaction to Ruby Soho’s announcement? The announcement was met with a huge ovation from the crowd and has been celebrated by fans and wrestlers, highlighting the supportive nature of the wrestling community towards family life.

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