Pennsylvania City Named The Worst Place To Drive In The State

It can be stressful and annoying to drive, especially in cities where traffic, road conditions, safety, and prices are all big issues. Different sites say that one city in Pennsylvania is the worst place to drive in the whole state and one of the worst in the whole country. That city is Philadelphia, which has the most people and is the size of Pennsylvania.

Public Works and Traffic

Traffic and bad roads are two of the main things that make driving in Philadelphia so awful. WalletHub said that Philadelphia had the sixth worst traffic and infrastructure in the country. They ranked cities based on things like traffic jams, travel times, road and bridge quality, and public transit.

A global mobility data company called INRIX says that drivers in Philadelphia get stuck in traffic for an average of 37 hours a year. A national transportation study group called TRIP says that 42% of the roads in the city are in bad shape and 18% of the bridges are structurally deficient. This makes the city’s roads and bridges some of the worst in the country.

Peace of Mind

The safety is another thing that makes driving in Philadelphia dangerous. In terms of crime rates, serious crimes, property crimes, and the number of police officers, RoadSnacks says Philadelphia is the most dangerous city in Pennsylvania. A lot of people die in car accidents in the city, especially when they are drunk.

From 2014 to 2020, Clever Move found that Philadelphia had an average of 13.4 traffic deaths per 100,000 people, making it the 18th worst city in the country for traffic deaths. Of those deaths, 5.1 were caused by alcohol. The city also has a lot of drivers who don’t have insurance. According to the Insurance Information Institute, 13% of drivers don’t have insurance.

How Much It Costs to Own and Maintain

The cost of ownership and upkeep is a third thing that makes driving in Philadelphia pricey. WalletHub said that Philadelphia was the 15th worst city in the country for the cost of ownership and upkeep. They used gas prices, parking fees, auto insurance premiums, and repair costs as factors. Gas costs $2.88 a gallon in Philadelphia, parking costs $18.75 a day, car insurance costs $1,735 a year, and repairs cost $404 a year, according to different sources. All of these fees make it very hard for city cars.

In Conclusion

It’s hard and annoying to drive in Philadelphia because the city comes low for safety, cost of ownership and maintenance, traffic and infrastructure. Philadelphia drivers have to deal with long and crowded drives, dangerous and bad road conditions, a lot of traffic deaths and drivers who don’t have insurance, and high prices for gas, parking, insurance, and repairs. Without a question, Philadelphia is one of the worst cities in the country and the worst place in Pennsylvania to drive.

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