Georgia’s Funeral Procession Laws: What Every Driver Should Know

Georgia's Funeral Procession Laws: What Every Driver Should Know

ATLANTA – The etiquette and legalities surrounding the behavior of drivers encountering a funeral procession have long been a point of contention in Georgia, sparking debates between different generations and those born in the state versus newcomers. The question remains: What is the appropriate course of action when one encounters a funeral procession on the … Read more

Discover the 7 Charming Small Towns in Georgia

Charming Small Towns in Georgia

Georgia, a state known for its diverse attractions, from bustling cities like Atlanta and Savannah to breathtaking mountain ranges and picturesque coastlines, also boasts a collection of charming small towns that offer visitors a more relaxed and authentic experience of the Peach State. These hidden gems provide a chance to savor Southern hospitality, delve into … Read more

Church’s Shocking Decision: Texas Teens Rewarded with Cash for Gender Surgery! Attorney General’s Furious Response Revealed!

A church in Texas is taking a unique and bold approach compared to many other Christian groups across the country. The Galileo Church in Fort Worth has made a deliberate choice not to exclude the LGBTQ+ community but rather, warmly welcomes them. As a tangible demonstration of their commitment, the church has established grants to … Read more

Shocking Truth Unveiled: Mystery Behind Pinson HS Athlete’s Tragic Collapse Exposed! Experts Warn All Athletes!

The Jefferson County Coroner has disclosed to FOX6 the official cause of death of Caleb White, a Pinson High School athlete who collapsed at school and passed away in August. The coroner has determined that White’s cause of death was natural, resulting from Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy (HCM), a heart condition often abbreviated as HCM. HCM is … Read more

Jaw-Dropping Heist: Man Nabbed in Shocking Shoe Show Theft!

A Hanceville man is currently in custody, having allegedly stolen shoes from the Shoe Show on Highway 43 in Russellville early Monday morning. Jeremy Dewayne Wilbanks, aged 38 and residing at 475 County Road 48 in Hanceville, was promptly apprehended by Russellville police following a brief pursuit. He was apprehended near the Walmart Garden Center, … Read more

Historic Immigration Court Backlog: Over 2.5 Million Cases Pending

Historic Immigration Court Backlog: Over 2.5 Million Cases Pending

Recently released data from the Customs and Border Protection agency reveals a significant surge in apprehensions along the southern border, with a notable 36-percent increase observed from July to August. This uptick follows the implementation of policies by the Biden administration aimed at curbing illegal border crossings after the termination of Title 42. Raed Gonzalez, … Read more

Fulton County DA Secures Enhanced Juror Protection in Trump Election Case

Fulton County DA Secures Enhanced Juror Protection in Trump Election Case

A recent court filing reveals that Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis has received approval from a judge to enhance the protection of juror identities in the Georgia election interference case. In a concise two-page order issued on Monday, Fulton County Superior Court Judge Scott McAfee has implemented stringent measures concerning the confidentiality of jurors … Read more