Kyle and Amanda Divorce: Unraveling the Rumors and Realities

Speculation about Amanda Batula and Kyle Cooke’s marriage has been rampant, especially after some dramatic episodes on Summer House. Amanda recently expressed her frustration with Kyle’s overreactions on the show. “There’s zero way to deescalate Kyle at all,” she told PEOPLE during a “Reality Rewatch” session. “I’ve tried every single way humanly possible, and nothing ever works.”

Kyle Cooke’s Temper and Its Impact on Their Marriage

Amanda, along with her castmates Lindsay Hubbard and Carl Radke, revisited several intense moments from the show’s eight seasons. One notable instance involved Kyle asking Hannah Berner and Paige DeSorbo to stop talking at the dinner table, a moment that birthed the term “giggly squad.”

Despite the humorous outcome, Amanda admitted she often finds Kyle’s behavior hard to handle. “There’s so many things I just don’t know why Kyle does that he does,” she continued. “Half the time I used to put my hand over his mouth.”

Lindsay Hubbard compared Kyle’s temper to that of a child, stating, “He just gets really angry, you know, similar to like, a toddler when they don’t know how to express their anger, they throw temper tantrums.” Kyle himself acknowledged his poor delivery in making points, saying, “I might have a point — maybe I’m right or wrong — but it’s my delivery that certifies that I’m horribly wrong.”

Memorable Lines and Merch

One of the show’s most iconic lines, “Summer should be fun. Amanda? Not fun,” was something Kyle didn’t initially remember saying until he saw the trailer. This line, though turned into merch, left Amanda feeling bad for her younger self. It stemmed from a fight over a spilled glass of water, a moment that Kyle now looks back on with regret.

Relationship Struggles and Personal Growth

During the rewatch, Hubbard and Radke also reflected on their relationship struggles, highlighting the pressures of managing a household and planning a wedding. Lindsay expressed frustration over Carl’s reluctance to take on more responsibilities, while Carl admitted he had a long way to go in his personal growth journey, particularly in therapy.

Meanwhile, Carl found solace in the camaraderie with his male housemates, which helped him navigate his relationship issues. “I talk to Jesse [Solomon] a ton, he’s in Brooklyn now, that’s where I live,” Carl said. “West [Wilson], we still are in touch with. I am just so happy that the boys got along.”

Addressing Divorce Rumors

Amidst the swirling rumors of a potential Kyle and Amanda divorce, a source close to the couple reassured fans that they are “very much together.” The speculation intensified when Amanda did not accompany Kyle to Italy for a former co-star’s wedding. However, a source clarified, “They have another destination wedding in Italy this summer and they’re looking forward to spending time away together.”

Kyle himself debunked the divorce rumors via his Instagram, calling out a false story that claimed he was celebrating his upcoming divorce. “This is absurd,” he responded. The couple was also spotted together at the Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen 15th anniversary bash, and they posted a playful ad for Wendy’s shortly after, indicating their bond remains strong.

Battling Depression and Finding Strength

Amanda’s quiet battle with depression was another factor that affected their dynamic. During the reunion, she admitted, “In Kyle’s defense though, that past year, I think I was on the road to becoming very depressed. I was checked out. I wasn’t really talking to my friends. So, when he’d come home, yeah I was quiet.”

She revealed that her mental health struggles were not new and had deep roots. However, Amanda’s current mental state is much improved, thanks to antidepressants. “Antidepressants are amazing,” she noted, emphasizing the positive change in her life.

Celebrating Their Love and Partnership

Despite their ups and downs, Amanda and Kyle’s love for each other remains evident. Amanda described Kyle as her best friend and the first person she wants to share her highs and lows with. Kyle reciprocated, highlighting Amanda’s maturity and emotional intelligence, which initially drew him to her despite their nine-year age difference.


Kyle and Amanda’s relationship has certainly faced its share of challenges, both on and off-screen. From managing temper tantrums and public scrutiny to battling personal demons like depression, they’ve shown resilience and a strong commitment to each other.

Despite the swirling rumors, they continue to stand by each other, proving that their bond is indeed stronger than the summer drama suggests. Fans of Summer House can continue to follow their journey and watch their growth, both individually and as a couple.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are Kyle and Amanda still together?

Yes, Kyle Cooke and Amanda Batula are still together. Despite rumors of a divorce, they continue to work on their relationship and are committed to each other.

2. What caused the rumors about Kyle and Amanda’s divorce?

The rumors were fueled by Kyle’s overreactions on Summer House, Amanda’s absence from a friend’s wedding, and misleading social media posts. However, these rumors have been debunked by both Kyle and sources close to the couple.

3. How have Kyle and Amanda addressed their relationship issues?

They have acknowledged their problems publicly, worked on communication, and supported each other through personal struggles, including Amanda’s battle with depression.

4. What is the “giggly squad”?

The “giggly squad” is a term coined by Kyle Cooke during an argument on Summer House, referring to Hannah Berner and Paige DeSorbo. It has since become a popular podcast and merch line.

5. How does Amanda handle Kyle’s temper?

Amanda has tried various ways to calm Kyle during his outbursts, including placing her hand over his mouth. She often finds his temper difficult to manage, likening it to dealing with a toddler’s tantrums.

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