Is Der Dutchman only in Ohio?

Der Dutchman, a well-known restaurant chain, specializes in serving Amish kitchen cooking and bakery items. Its offerings include a hearty buffet, freshly baked doughnuts, and homemade dinner rolls. However, the question arises: is Der Dutchman limited to Ohio, or does it have establishments in other states?

The History of Der Dutchman

Founded in 1969 by Bob and Sue Miller in Walnut Creek, Ohio, Der Dutchman started as a modest 75-seat restaurant with the aim of sharing Amish heritage and cuisine. Over the years, the Millers expanded their menu, seating capacity, and reputation, opening additional locations in Ohio towns like Plain City, Bellville, and Berlin.

In 1987, the Millers sold their business to Dutchman Hospitality Group, a company managing various Amish-themed ventures, including inns, shops, and theaters. Under Dutchman Hospitality Group, Der Dutchman continued to grow, establishing more locations in Ohio and beyond.

The Locations of Der Dutchman

Currently, Der Dutchman boasts six locations across four states: Ohio, Indiana, Florida, and Arizona. Here is an overview of each location and its features:

  • Walnut Creek, Ohio: The original Der Dutchman site attracts visitors with scenic views, a large buffet, and a bakery. It also offers a banquet center, gift shop, and carriage ride service.
  • Plain City, Ohio: Located near Columbus, this location provides a cozy atmosphere, bakery, gift shop, banquet center, fundraising program, and wholesale bakery service.
  • Bellville, Ohio: Close to Mansfield, this site features a spacious dining room, bakery, gift shop, banquet center, scenic pond, and gazebo.
  • Berlin, Ohio: Situated in the heart of Amish Country, this location offers a large dining room, bakery, gift shop, banquet center, and a theater hosting musicals and concerts.
  • Sarasota, Florida: The sole Der Dutchman in Florida has a tropical flair, bakery, gift shop, banquet center, salad bar, and a soup and salad bar.
  • Mesa, Arizona: The lone Der Dutchman in Arizona, this location showcases a southwestern style, bakery, gift shop, banquet center, salad bar, and a soup and salad bar.

The Future of Der Dutchman

Der Dutchman has expanded beyond Ohio, serving loyal customers and attracting new ones in various states. Renowned for its quality food, friendly service, and authentic Amish culture, the possibility of Der Dutchman expanding to more locations remains open. As it continues to share its delicious cuisine and heritage, the future may see Der Dutchman reaching even more communities.


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